Our History

Scott Lawn Yard began in 1985 as a Landscape/Maintenance company. Since that time the company has established itself as a multi-faceted company offering a wide range of services from construction to landscaping and everything in between.

Scott Lawn Yard was founded in 1984 by Christine and Scott Miller, both natives of Niagara County, with a pickup truck and a pair of push lawn mowers. In 1990 our office was opened in Sanborn, NY. It was at this time that the majority of our sales shifted from the residential market to more commercial clientele. Installations also started becoming a larger portion of our sales. In 1996 we incorporated in the State of New York, and began shifting our focus toward larger scale commercial and public work. Christine Miller is President and majority owner of the company, with Scott Miller being Vice President and minority owner. In 1997 we landed our first public work job, a rehabilitation project at the Niagara Falls Water Treatment Plant.

In 1999 we engaged in our first FEMA project, clearing the city streets of Buffalo after a snowstorm. 2001 marked two major milestones for our company: our first roadwork project, a $978,000 project for NYS Parks converting a section of the Robert Moses Parkway to pedestrian pathways; and our first $1M+ job, a region wide landscaping project for the NYSDOT. Over the years we have grown to a full scale sitework company approaching $13 Million in annual sales, with over fifty employees during the peak of our season. We have performed work in Florida, Maryland, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Washington D.C. We are a certified WBE/DBE and have bonding capability up $17M. Christine and Scott Miller currently reside in Lewiston with their four children.